A feeling of being connected to someone on a dark and violent level, desperately trying to find new paths but being unable to shake off the feeling of being intertwined.


Case Conrad

Direction / Script / Costume /Production / Postproduction

Official Music video

2013 Barcelona

Live action with Pixilation & Cutout Animation

First single off Case Conrad's second LP "Leikko".
Cast: Natalia Herraiz & Ferran Vílchez Banegas
DoP: Charlie Harjulin
Big Thank´s to: Carlos Naya, Gustav Haggren, Pere Ferran,
Croudfunder Verkami

Copper thief

When I was walking with my friends in the gothic part of Barcelona, looking for a place to eat, we recognised the chef in a tiny tapas bar. He turned out to be Robert Johansson who I had seen on stage playing guitar with CASE CONRAD at a show a few months earlier.

With my chance encounter with Robert the first stepping stone for a collaboration had been laid. Some time later we prepared the video shooting for the song Lonelylightlylowshine. Everything had to work well because we only had a week to get it done, including other things like rehearsing & preparing for a crowdfunding concert, photo sessions, interviews, a concert and also making THIS VIDEO for COPPER THIEF. Even so everyone was kept very busy this was a great week and COPPER THIEF is one beautiful memory of it.

Official Music video

2013 Barcelona


Co-Direction / Production / DoP / Postproduction

Direction: Per Henrik Adolfsson

Starring Murray Woodward. Written by Per Henrik Adolfsson and made by Per Henrik Adolfsson and Margarita Leonore.

Track taken from Case Conrad's second album LEIKKO,  Stargazer Records.